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1) A digital wristwatch was set accurately at 8.30 a.m and then lost 2 seconds every 5 minutes. What time was indicated on the watch at 6.30 p.m of the same day if the watch operated continuously that time ?
2) What are the values printed by the following program?
#define dprint(expr)
printf(#expr "=%d\n",expr)
int x=7;
int y=3;
3) which of the following is not a ANSI C language keyword?
4) What is the size of the following union.
Assume that the size of int =2, size of float =4 andsize of char =1.
Union Tag{int a;flaot b;char c;};
5) What is the output of the following program? (.has been used to indicate a space)
char s[]="Hello,.world";
6) If taxi fares were Rs 1.00 for the first 1/5 mile and Rs 0.20 for each 1/5 miles thereafter. The taxi fare for a 3-mile ride was
7) A computer routine was developed to generate two numbers (x,y) the first being a random number between 0 and 100 inclusive, and the second being less than or equal to the square root of the first.Each of the following pair satisfies the routine EXCEPT
8) A warehouse had a square floor with area 10,000 sq.meters. A rectangular addition was built along one entire side of the warehouse that increased the floor by one - half as much as the original floor.How many metersdid the addition extend beyond the original buildings ?
9)  If "PROMPT" is coded as QSPLOS ,then "PLAYER" should be
10) A person travels 6km towards west, then travels 5km towards north ,then finally travel 6km towards west. Where is he with respect to his starting position?
11) If A speaks the truth 80% of the times, B speaks the truth 60% of the times. What is the probability that they tell the truth at the same time
12) Susan can type 10 pages in 5 minutes. Mary can type 5 pages in 10 minutes. Working together, how many pages canthey type in 30 minutes?
13) Six bells commence tolling to gether and toll at intervals 2,4,6,8,10 and 12 seconds respectively. In 30 minutes how many times they toll together.
14) If the time quantum is too large, Round Robin scheduling degenerates to
15) Transponders are used for which of the following purposes
16) The format specifier "-%d" is used for which purpose in C
17) A sorting algorithm which can prove to be a best time algorithm in one case and a worst time algorithm in worst case is
18) What details should never be found in the top level of a top-down design?
19) In an absolute loading scheme, which loader function is accomplished by assembler
20) Banker's algorithm for resource allocation deals with
21) Thrashing can be avoided if
22) Which of the following communications lines is best suited to interactive processing applications?
23)  A feasibility document should contain all of the following except
24)  On a 26 question test, five points were deducted for each wrong answer and eight points were added for each correct answer. If all the questions were answered, how many were correct, if the score was zero ?
25) In how many ways a team of 11 must be selected from 5 men and 11 women such that the team must comprise of not more than 3 men?
26) Given that 0 < a < b < c < d, which of the following the largest ?
27) Eesha bought 18 sharpeners for Rs.100. She paid 1 rupee more for each white sharpener than for each brown sharpener. What is the price of a white sharpener and how many white sharpener did she buy ?
28) The fourteen digits of a credit card are to be written in the boxes shown above. If the sum of every three consecutive digits is 18, then the value of x is :
29)  Find the least value of 3x + 4y if x2y3 = 6.
30) Can you find out what day of the week was January 12, 1979?

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